Philips HDT8520 Freeview+ HD Recorder – Twin DVB-T2 Tuners, 500Gb HDD

When the Philips HDT8520 goes on sale later this month it will be one of the first Freeview+ HD devices on the market – that’s a high definition Freeview recorder to you and me.

We are told that this model, sold under the Philips brand, will be made by Pace, who have had huge success with a number of previous Freeview devices and particularly the Sky boxes which really created the market for hard drive recorders. It packs in a 500Gb hard drive, sufficient to store 125 hours of high definition recordings, or many times more standard definition programmes. In line with other Freeview + devices, it has twin Freeview HD (DVB-T2) tuners, meaning you can record two different Freeview HD channels (or 2 different standard definition channels) simultaneously. What’s even better is that you can also playback previously recorded programmes at the same time as recording.

As you will only be able to receive BBC HD and ITV HD at the start, this device will also upscale standard definition channels to high definition to make the most of your HD TV.

All of the usual features of a Freeview recorder are there… 8-day electronic programme guide,  chase-play (start watching a recorded programme before it has even finished recording), pause & rewind live tv, Series Link, accurate recording etc etc.

Currently this model is only advertised in Comet and Amazon at £299, but expect it to become widely available once it has been launched. More stores will be added to the price comparison feature below once it is available to buy.

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