Sagemcom RTI90-320 and RTI90-500 Freeview + HD Recorder

Sagemcom (previously part of the Sagem brand and now a manufacturer in their own right) have launched details of their first foray in to the Freeview HD world, the Freeview+ HD recording RTI90-320 and RTI90-500.

Sagemcom RTI90-320 and RTI90-500 Summary

In comparison to the older standard definition devices from Sagem, these two models are certainly miles ahead when it comes to appearance. Sleek, shiny and remarkably compact, the RTI90’s will take pride of place alongside your TV.

Both models have identical specifications apart from the hard drive capacity, with the RTI90-320 sporting a 320Gb hard drive capable of storing up to 160 hours of high definition programmes, and the RTI90-500 unsurprisingly boasting a larger 500Gb hard drive, with a maximum storage of 250 hours .

Besides the standard features you would expect to find on a twin tuner Freeview+ HD recorder (pause, record & rewind live TV, Series Link, record two programs at the same time etc), Sagemcom have tried to go one step further. The library of recorded programmes can be conveniently organised in to folders – perhaps giving each person in the house their own personal library avoiding the ‘accidental’ deletion that is one of the most common causes of domestic arguments these days.


Then there is the inclusion of an ethernet port for internet connectivity. While there is no detailed use for this at present, you would hope it is planned to add ‘widget’ capabilities for Twitter, Facebook etc in the not too distant future. It will be interesting to see how long it will take manufacturers like Sagemcom to realise that not everyone’s internet router is right next to the TV. While WiFi is an option on some planned Freeview HD devices, it would be nice to see this as a standard feature to save having to invest in powerline type ethernet adaptors.

The 320Gb model is expected at the end of April / early May, followed shortly after at the end of May by the 500Gb model. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview provided by Sagemcom themselves.[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”” width=”400″ height=”300″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]


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Sagemcom RTI90 Freeview HD Recorder Specifications

  • FREEVIEW+ HD recorder
  • Twin DVB-T2 Freeview HD tuners
  • 320GB Hard Disk Drive – 160 hours (RTI90-320) or 500GB Hard Disk Drive – 250 hours (RTI90-500)
  • 1 HDMI out socket
  • video upscaling up to 1080p
  • 1 SCART socket
  • 1 USB and 1 Ethernet port
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Compact glossy black casing
  • Dimensions 26cm wide, 16cm deep, 4.8cm tall.
  • 8 day electronic programme guide (EPG)
  • Series Link for simple recording of entire series of programmes

Sagemcom RTI90-320 Price Comparison

Our price comparison tool checks prices at leading UK stockists every day to find you the cheapest place to buy. (The prices below are for the RTI90-320 – look a bit further down for the RTI90-500.)

Sagemcom RTI90-500 Price Comparison


  1. allan sinclair says:

    You did not say in specs whether you can turn the machine on without recording and watch a live programme in HD, can you please clarify?

  2. What do the Sagem RT 190-320 & 500 do that the Sagem DTR 67500T can’t do for a good deal less cost?

  3. Ken Willis says:

    At these prices for a Freeview HD service I may as well get a SKY HD BOX for £40 plus the extra £10 per month. This equates to aprox 2 years viewing on Sky

  4. Negative08 says:

    Do these models have an optical out port for connection to home theatre systems?

  5. Doddie…. the Sagem DTR 67500T is a Standard Definition Freeview Recorder, whereas the RTI90-320 and RTI90-500 are both High Definition Freeview HD recorders. If you have an HD Ready TV and live in a Freeview HD area (use the coverage checker on this site to find out) then it is worth going for the newer HD models.
    Hope that helps!

  6. Hi Ken, i’m not sure on the figures you have used, but Freeview HD will be significantly cheaper than Sky for most. If you already have Sky, then yes, perhaps the extra £10 per month for the HD service for 2 years (£240) is a better option for you. But for people who don’t want to pay the £30-£40 per month depending on package (i.e. £720-£960 for 2 years) then Freeview HD is a much better option! Devices can be bought now for under £100 (Bush DVB680) and there is no ongoing fee.

  7. Negative08 – at this stage we’re not sure. The specs available say they have 1 x HDMI and 1 x Scart, along with RF in and out. We are hoping to have a model to review shortly so will let you know.

  8. Hi Allan, yes, all the Freeview HD recorders can also be used just the same as a Freeview HD Receiver – i.e. watch without recording.

  9. Can anyone tell me the Hz rate for upscaling on this PVR. The Sagem I currently has upscales to 1080i at 50Hz and I;m looking for better than this. Thanks

  10. DO NOT BUY THIS BOX!!!!!!

    I bought a Sagemcom RT190-320 a week a go and there is a serious problem with this box. The sound on the HMDI connection keeps cutting out for a fraction of a second approximately every 2 to 5 minutes. I reported it to Sagemcom on the 10th and they acknowledged it was a problem on all boxes and a software update would be issued the next day. I downloaded the v2.1.0 update on Friday but it still didn’t fix the problem and I reported it again. I downloaded another update (v2.1.1) on Monday but this still didn’t fix the problem When I called them today (Tuesday) they had suddenley become evasive giving repsonses such as my colleague isn’t available right now and will get back to you later. In my view this means there is a hardware problem which can’t be fixed by software updates and Sagemcom are avoiding disclosing this.

    I’m returning my to the retailer tomorrow and asking for a full refund.

  11. Ron, thanks for the feedback. I have contacted sagemcom and hope to have an official response in due course.

  12. the sound cuts out on my box that i purchased last week!
    the worst thing about it is scrolling through the EPG which is very slow and trying to get to a programme on the guide to record can take some time!
    however the picture quality is very good on the HD channels.

  13. i i bought sagem 920 after i found argos selling the item for 5o pounds cheaper than everywhere today and i have been having similar problems sound cuts but worse it keeps freezing and the tv screen turns green i had read good reviews of the product online so i purchased the box also because of the hard drive i it also does not start up either by remote or by pressing button on box as directed i will contact sagem on monday of which you should not have to do on a brand new item especially at my own cost if im doing something wrong fair enough otherwise i shall return the box to argos eventhough argos states the item is one of a few items excluded from its 30 day back money guarantee i do not have to pay any monies for 7 months anyway but if they say they wont take item back i will leave it and they will have to take me to court the aerial signal is strong it can work normally for 2 hours then just stop

  14. I bought mine from Comet £249.99 – I have the same problems with – Comet are being difficult about giving my money back.
    Sagemcom broadcasted a software update – it should be at v2.1.1 (see DTG at – seems to fix the Freeze problem but overall the box is still unusable with sound cutting out, crashing when new channels are found, EPG is really crap.

    rushed out unfinished/untested for the world cup – I would say – bad mistake their “Customer Experience” measures must have dropped right down – if they measure that sort of thing that is!!

    this is the first time I bought Sagem – probably the last!

  15. Yep – the sound keeps cutting for micro second with my box too – exact same problem. Strange thing is I rewound the live tv and played the same section again and it did not cut out. This seems to prove it is not a problem with my reception. Could be an issue with the transmission – i’ve only noticed it in HD.

  16. i got the updates through on monday and it seems to have cured problems other than sound cuts i have contacted sagemcom and they state they reconise the sound cuts problem they can not answer whether it is a software prolem or a hardware[box itself of which means the box is faulty].you should be able to get a full refund just state to comet that the box is faulty and ask them to contact their suppliers ie sagemcom [manufacture].i myself have contacted argos by email and had no reply.if sagemcom can not resolve the problem within a couple of weeks i will take the box back and state as comet would have to do that even the manufacture can not fix the sound cuts meaning the boxes are faulty.they can not replace the box as they all seem to have this fault so its your stat rights. comet should reimburse you immediately tell them to email sagemcom

  17. George H says:

    Have you noticed that if you put a RT190-500 into standby the antenna signal to the tv is attenuated?
    My box receives the usual standard res pictures but none of the HD ones and zaps the tv when in record mode.
    How bad can a £300 product get?

  18. I just found an interesting post on the avforums:

    Looks like Sagemcom have found and cured the drop-out bug. This was one of the main points against the new Sagem box but this being sorted now I might get one now. Apart from the sound issue the reviews were very positive!

  19. Good news – Sagemcom are distributing their new software version (2.2.0) on their homepage ( and it has cured the bugs! The EPG is much faster now, the sound drop-out has completlely disappeared and the difference between SD and HD channels has been significantly improved. Im glad that I had not returned my box, it is great now!!!

  20. There are a few negative comments listed in these reviews. They all seem to refer to old versions of the software. The v220 version fixes most of these reported problems. You can download the latest version from the sagemcom web site and install the update yourself, if your box comes with old software, or wait for it to be updated automatically “over the air”.
    The problem with “no rf pass through” when the box is switched off, is due to be fixed with a future software upgrade. (A new menu option lets you fix this problem.)
    When recording a HD programme, I have experienced the picture and sound breaking up for 1 second from time to time, about 4 times in a 1 hour programme. This is a bug in the software that is being investigated. SD programmes record and playback fine.
    One review comments on the difference in volume between HD and SD programmes. This is not a fault of the box. It’s down to the BBC / ITV / Ch4 broadcasters. Here in Lancashire I can also receive the HD signal from S4C (Wales) and its volume level is about the same as SD broadcasts.

    Once these bugs get fixed in a future software upgrade (which will happen automatically for those that don’t want to download it from their web site) the box will function very well for the price.

  21. Sean Baber says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT – This truly is an awful product. I have had it one day and am pulling my hair out at the poor quality of use. The EPG guide is slow, it takes ages to catch up with the clicks on the controller and I have a recording that will not delete. Add to that distortion on HD channels, it’s very disappointing. I am sending it back and asking for a full refund.. Back to sky HD, unless anyone else has tried a better product (Humax?)

  22. I’ve lost all patience with mine, after 4 months it’s going back, so bloody slow at changing channels, the tv loses the signal from the box until the channel is changed and the same when deleting stuff or scrolling from one recording to the next, deleting takes forever, took nearly 15 mins to delete six recordings, still have about a dozen to delete but was losing the will to live!

  23. John Baughan says:

    I like it but when I try to record from EPG a future recording sometimes says that the time has already passed?? any ideas how to fix it??

  24. i got my rt190 320 sagemcom box yesterday put it on and status light remains yellow instead of green is this a serious problem can someone help me please!!

  25. >There are a few negative comments listed in these reviews. They all seem to refer to old versions of the software. ………

    When did that new software come out ?
    I would never buy a slow machine again, have ond sagem allready. !

  26. So comments will be deleted here, stupid page !

  27. Jim…. comments aren’t deleted, but they have to be ‘moderated’ before they appear. Unfortunately we get a lot of spam, so I have to manually approve each and every comment before they appear on the site. This obviously takes time, but rest assured your comments are appreciated!

  28. i have had the Sagem RT190 for a few months i am not impressed, just took it back to comet today where they refused to give me a refund and said their engineer will check it over “Hah” good luck with that!!! almost every time i try to switch it on from standby it freezes with Boot on the front panel and has to be switched off at the mains sometimes with several attempts before it eventually comes on, it`s driving me to distraction. i have had a lot of the above comments problems aswell despite having had the latest updates and the most annoying of which is trying to record a series and being told by the box the programme is in the past even though it isn`t on until the next day? so although Sagemcom have put together a pretty unreliable HD Freeview box it seems they have inadvertently mastered Time Travel…….well you have to laugh or you would cry :)

  29. put me of in byeing one now on ebyi wait till i see a good one to bye

  30. Just bought one of these for my parents, it came with latest software version (2.5.3) and apart from the Rf pass-through not being fixed yet it works fine.

    However it’s a 320GB version but out of the box with nothing recorded it says 147.2GB available can this really be correct?? – I expected some space to be taken up but the best part over 170GB??

    I checked the drive part no. and it’s definitley a 320GB drive – also the estimated hours recording seemed low (I think it said 79hrs SD) compared to specs “up to 180hrs”.

    Can someone confirm if this is typical?

  31. Bought the RT190-500 – I have the latest download which sorted the ‘recording in the past’ issue but it keeps freezing as others have said. Its just frozen several times this morning and now it run installation so I am starting from scratch and have lost all my recording. I would not recommend it to anyone – it is rubbish.

  32. MeMe.

    A friend of mine just bought one from

    Well he loves it – does what it says, but he did notice the same problem with the disk size.

    He contacted Sagemcom about the large amount of space been unusable. The Sagemcom Rep told him that the system should only take up about 20 g or so.

    So you should have about 300 g left.

    He got a replacement from Amazon – and the same thing.

    It could be a batch of them with the incorrect hard drives installed or they could be formatted incorrectly.

  33. Sagemcom RT190-500. Well, I bought this thing in Dec 2010 and it is getting worse. Just before Easter I lost all the recordings made to watch at Easter after it constantly froze up and then it decided to perform a re-installation. It has now created a folder to record a series – fine, it even changed the recording timer to record the next in the series – super. Just one thing – it forget to record this weeks episode so I have an empty folder. This box is not fit for purpose, the bin would be the best place. I could not recommend this box to anyone.

  34. The 320 model is currently available from Tesco Direct at £180 – with Clubcard points worth £3.60 making it cheaper than all the prices listed.

  35. Hi all, well I was prepared to grumble earlier, so to be fair, I have to say that since auto download of version 3 software the box has been much better. Occasionial missing of sound and some very minor irritations but I now feel the improvements made are taking the box in the right direction and almost there. So much so that I bought my Mum an identical one as her old recorder packed up. However, it had V2.5.3 when installed but will not auto download V3 or accept a manual update on it. I’ll be going up there likely in Sept and try my usb memory stick as I know it worked on mine when I dowmload V2.5.3 on my box and see if it works on my mums.

  36. Glen Turner says:

    Vers. 3.1.1 will be available on 26.08.11 until 28.08.11. Lets see what this brings…

  37. I have just bought the 320 andupgraded straight to V3.11. As we don’t yet have HD in our area I can only say SD and upscaling is fine. The guide is split into 3 sections and the area at the top has an inset for the current channel and an info screen for each program as you scroll through. If these features were removed I feel the guide would be much quicker. Because the guide is slow it makes the remote controller appear slow. Apart from that it has done what I have ask for a week now.

  38. Probably the worst electrical gadget I have ever bought. The first one appeared to “Initiate” normally but subsequently refused repeatedly to “boot” and occasionally provided sound but no picture. Its replacement again behaved normally at “initiation” but subsequently refused to “boot” at all. It was returned to Curry’s (who did not seem at all surprised!) and I upgraded at additional cost to a Humax HDR-Fox-T2 which is in a different league and works superbly. Do not buy the Sagemcom RT195320 under any circumstances!

  39. Robin Hill says:

    I have had rt190 – 320 2 hd uk for 6 months it has locked up on switch on it says boot and then stays on init sagcom said the power supply was faulty!!!! just the same with a
    new one!!
    Robin Hill Hull

  40. I had to reset my box as it kept losing antenna connection. It worked for a bit then stopped again. Have had this box for a year and its been great but agree the menu scroll eric is very slow. The main issue I’d like resolved us that I can’t access all of the menu options, have never been able to even select the favourites option or the one that looks like a media button.
    I presume this is a fault. Also why is there an Ethernet port? Doesn’t allow me to access the net, is this just for updates?

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