Technika STBHDIS2010 Freeview HD Set-top-box

Tesco's entry-level Freeview HD Box does exactly what it is designed to do - receive Freeview HD channels - and is priced at just £100 to compete with the Bush DVB680

Technika STBDIS2010 Freeview HD Set Top Box Summary

Alongside the Smartbox 83200HD, Tesco have launched this budget Freeview HD set top box – the Technika STBHDIS2010. Available for just £100, both instore and available to reserve online, it is surely aimed to rival the entry-level Bush DVB680 which is now available for £99.99.

Best Price: Technika STBHDIS2010 Freeview HD Box

Technika STBHDIS2010 Freeview HD Receiver Review

While you shouldn’t judge a product by its name, I hope Tesco have put more effort in to creating a reliable, easy to use Freeview box than they have with the name – it hardly rolls off the tongue and scores 0 out of 5 for creativity.  STB – set top box, HD – high def, IS – well, maybe internet services, internet streaming – who knows, 2010 – the year it was launched. Put them all together and you get STBHDIS2010 – whoever at tesco looked at that and thought – “I know, that’ll be a great model name” should be thinking of getting a new job very soon.

That aside, you can’t really call this box anything but no-frills. It doesn’t have any of he features of the IceCrypt or the Technika Smartbox 8320HD, but it should do a good job of what most people buy it for – receiving BBC and ITV HD via Freeview HD.

It doesn’t have a built in hard drive so will not record programmes, but it does have a 7 day Electronic Programme Guide, 2 scart sockets, 1 HDMI socket (although no HDMI cable is included in the box) and is simple to set up.

This model is probably aimed to be in your kitchen or bedroom and for £100 you can’t go wrong.

Technika STBHDIS2010 Price Comparison

Our price comparison tool regularly checks stocks and finds the best price to buy this Technika STBHDIS2010 Freeview HD Box. However, as it is only sold in Tesco, it will always be the best price to pay!


  1. gerard thompson says:

    TOTALLY UNSTABLE! I am returning this cr*p to tescoids A.M. G.T.

  2. Peter Roberts says:

    More efficient at installation than more expensive models. Very happy with the menu functions which are very easy to follow. Alas, after a couple of hours, video lost on all channels. Had to reboot and repeat installation. If happens again will return to Tesco.

  3. Peter Roberts says:

    Further to the comment on November 9th, I agree with Gerard Thompson. The unit does seem unstable. Keeps rebooting and going into standby. Pity because the SD & HD pictures on the Panasonic viera are very good.

  4. Peter Roberts says:

    It seems to be the luck of the draw. I exchanged the unit for another of the same. I’ve had it for almost a week now and everything seems to be working fine. Will keep my fingers crossed.

  5. It seems that I am not the only person to have had to return the product to TESCO which is very painful given their product return process (miserable excperience). I would advise the use of an alternatie product if you do not have the time to return and negotiaite under TESCO’s return policy. This is based on the unreliability of this product and its software updates.

  6. I cannot access the HD channels even though on screen tuning scan appears to tune successfully. The channels dont appear in EPG and if try to input channel 50,51 etc there is ‘invalid entry’ error message… Any ideas?

  7. Box seems stable enough, and the HD picture quality is excellent. Just one niggle – if I select any of the standard definition BBC channels, it loses the HD channels, and the SD channels get mixed up as well. I guess this is something to do with the actual data content of the Freeview multiplex that carries the BBC SD channels that is reacting badly with a software bug in the box. Since my TV supports standard definition Freeview anyway, and I really bought the box for the HD channels, as soon as it finished tuning, I quickly changed it to ITV1, then deleted all the SD BBC channels (channels 1, 2, 7, 9, 70, 71, 80, 81, 105 and 301). I don’t use the radio. Now I use the box only for HD. Since I deleted the channels, I have had no further problems. As the box always seems to power up on the first channel (BBC1 SD) and it also goes there after tuning, it corrupts itself unless you change channels quickly and then delete the channels I listed above.

  8. I took the box back to Tesco and got a refund – no problem. They also accepted the HDMI cable I had bought to use with the box and refunded that as well.

  9. Media Van says:

    I have had this box for a few months now and have had verry little problems with it with the exeption of the HD chanels disapearing and apearing again every so often…. other than that no probs!

  10. I’ve had this box for 3 days. It is totally useless and not fit for purpose.
    I only used it for an hour or so on day one and had no problems but day two saw it re-booting every 10 to 20 minutes or so. Day 3 (today) it could not output the picture and sound. Even repeating the installation did not help, i.e. still no picture or sound. Although the box was happy to report all of the stations that it found when tuning it could not output them. The biggest surprise was when I touched the digi-box: it was very hot to the touch. Not hot enough to burn but not far off. This goes back to the store tomorrow!

  11. Had this box now for just under a year and it performed well in SD, no HD channels were found when tuned in first time, I decided to re tune a week ago and it found the 4 HD channels and I was impressed with the picture.

    Now a week later the picture breaks up all the time on all channels, I have it looped with 2 PVR’s so I decided to plug in the ariel direct and then feed the PVR’s and TV after, my TV shows 90% signal so I think that’s pretty good, however I still get picture breaking up, not being defeated I decided to do a full install again, now I don’t get any HD channels at all.

    Now I am defeated, that’s the sum total of my knowledge of these boxes, I was thinking of getting another of these boxes from Tesco as they are now £30 and I paid £100 last year!! I feel robbed and I am contemplating taking it back for a full refund and get a more decent one.

    Any ideas on a trouble free HD box?

  12. The problems of this box surround the software initially installed. This would delete the HD channels if there was a HD simulcast and you tuned to the SD version..

    This has now been fixed by a software update, Note that this is broadcast alongside the Channel Zero data and not by the DTG on the HD mux. This may be a drawback if you receive from a relay station.

    The original software version ended 0133′ The problems with HD were fixed by 0151 and new features added with 0161. This last version is available for download to a USB memory stick from the Channel Zero web site. Instructions to update are on the site.

    The new version adds an option so it switches automatically to the HD simulcast on BBC channels. Also you can now do a manual single mux tune rather than a full retune which helps in areas where more than one transmitter is available.

  13. Unit arrived today with STBHDIS2010_0133 firmware. I immediately updated it with STBHDIS2010_0161 on a USB stick downloaded from Everything works perfectly with no complaints. From a very satisfied owner.

  14. Brillant bought it for £30 at tesco a few problems at first but once it was updated was a great bit of kit and a bargain

  15. Anyone else having a problem accessing the High Definition interactive services on Channels 110, 111 and 112 ? When going to any of these channels the STBDIS2100 does a reboot. In doing so the content of Channel Zero is erased which means the box needs to be left on standby for several hours for Channel Zero to be restored.

  16. Huw Roberts (Caernarfon) says:

    Bought this item from local Tesco in September 2011. Crashed after a few minutes every time i attempted to watch a HD channel.
    Leave the unit in standby for 48 hours. This allows the unit to download the latest software off-air.
    Currently this is A3M ST2A-10-0161 (see maual for how to view this on screen)
    It has worked well since then. (Software version when bought was A3M-ST2A-10-0133)

  17. Ron Osborn says:

    I bought one of these from the Tesco Direct on Ebay, (REFURBISHED IT SAID, BUT IT LOOKED BRAND NEW TO ME) price £19.99 with free postage. So impreessed, I bought another one. They both work really well. I have plugged one of them into my broadband router and it picked up an IP address OK buit as one of your previous posts says, if you select an interactiove channel, it re-boots but I think that this will be corrected in future updates. If you read the instruction book, it says that the ethernet port is for future services. So I bought both for less than £20 each including postage and both work fine. They were to replace two other freeview boxees that failed to work after the final retune and analogue switch off. Very impressed with these boxes and the HD picture through an HDMI cable is brilliant. I wouldn’t have risked £100 though as someone earlier was saying that they paid.
    Make sure that your box is on auto updates and that you leave it in standby when not using it. Cheers Ron

  18. On my 2nd one of these, has anyone had the same issue?…it worked perfect all my channels HD and SD, i came home from work and no pic,just a black screen, had sound and menus and banners,just no tv,,did a reeboot didnt change, so i took it back for another one and it worked fine till 2 days ago and exactly the same problem,,,what is it? is it me?,,,,

  19. Update for anyone still interested in this STB, its now on firmware update 0225 and very stable. Great wee refurbished HD receiver for under 20 quid at the Tesco Outlet on e-bay. Snap one up while you can folks, its ideal for bedroom or kitchen etc

  20. jinky – Would you tell me, please, from where the 0225 firmware can be obtained?

    Many thanks


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