Tesco slash cost of Freeview HD

Tesco slash price of Technika Freeview HD Box

Tesco have reduced the price of their Technika-branded entry level Freeview HD Box, the STBDIS2010, from £100 to just £70. This makes it the cheapest Freeview HD receiver available in the UK. Tesco are also offering Double Clubcard Points on this model right now.

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At the same time, Freeview themselves are launching a competition to win 1 of 5 of these Technika Freeview HD receivers. All you have to do is Follow them on Twitter and re-tweet their competition message! You can check the full competition details on the Freeview HD blog.


  1. I bought my Tesco STBDIS2010 box for £60 with a discount voucher, but what a waste of money. I put up with this box for two weeks before getting my money back. This box is extremely unstable, continuously loosing channels, especially HD ones, requiring retuning or factory re-sets, only for the same thing to happen again. Judging by comments on other forums these problems are not isolated. Tesco could not tell me whether any software upgrades were possible or planned. The Tesco technical help line even suggested spending more money on a better branded product! Are Tesco just trying to get rid of stock at any price??

  2. paul manning says:

    With all these nice new Freeview HD boxes,TVs with it built in, shops all full of them, it must be nice to be able to see what all the fuss is about.So I’m sure there are many people who will have to wait until 2012 before they can fully use their siny new purchase, if like me they were daft enough to buy one now. Still, I’m sure the retailers care, as long as they make that sale. I wonder if they tell customers they can’t use it yet when they are selling them.

  3. This box had VERY bad software when first issued (build number ended in 0133). Basically it wiped the HD channels as soon as a programme on the BBC was simulcast in HD.

    That has now been fixed by a subsequent OTA update to version 0151 and now to 0161. The latter enables manual retuning and SD/HD switching. Both make the box stable and are considerable improvements.

    The software updates are piggybacked on the Channel Zero stream, not by using the DTG service on the HD mux. Version 0161 is available for download to a USB memory stick to update older versions from the Channel Zero web site.

    As these are now reduced further to £30, they are a real bargain for anyone with a little technical knowledge to do the update, or a handy 12 year old to do it for them.

    By the way, Tesco did three models, differentiated by the last letter(s) in the model number. The STBHDV2010 was one of the Vestel T8300 sold under 13 different badges. The STBHDH2010 was an almost direct clone of the Manhattan box but judging by the blue LED indicator, manual, separate power supply, back plate and remote control, the Harvard Grundig and Goodmans boxes share the same electronics. The Argos exclusive Alba is very similar to the Technica and Manhattan boxes externally apart from five control buttons. These may be the cause of the “Don’t Buy” recommendation from “Which?” when they tested the Alba.

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